Kelionės Lietuvoje


Unseen and unheard things are often hidden right here… Another journey, this time to the heart of Lithuania – Kaunas. We promise you’ll see the city in a different light during our trip. We will wander along centuries-old paths and have a rare opportunity to visit the place where Lithuanian basketball legends are ‘forged’ and see everything up close… During the excursion, we will also wander around inter-war Kaunas and get to know the culinary heritage of that time…
In the morning, we leave for Kaunas. The people of Kaunas are always happy to welcome visitors to their city, so they invite you to discover this wonderful city! We’ll start with one of the most beautiful late Baroque ensembles in northern and eastern Europe – the Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Camaldolese Monastery ensemble – popularly known as Pažaislis Monastery*. We will visit the magnificent church, the monastery courtyard and the newly opened interactive museum.
After exploring this architectural masterpiece, we will take a bus to another masterpiece – Žalgiris Arena, all the way listening to various stories about Kaunas. If the second Lithuanian religion is basketball, then the main temple is undoubtedly Žalgiris Arena. During the tour, you will not only visit the well-known areas of the arena, but also the places where Žalgiris players train, prepare and compete, where the feet of Paulius Jankūnas, Šarūnas Jasikevičius, Modestas Paulauskas, Pauliaus Motiejūnas, Arvydas Sabonis and other legends have stepped or are stepping on. You will visit the place where the legendary spirit of Žalgiris is cherished and preserved.
Afterwards, we’ll head to the Old Town, where the symbol of the European Capital of Culture 2022 sleeps under the castle. During the walking tour you will get to know the heart of Kaunas. And finally, a tasting*! You will be greeted with a smile and a glass by a guide from a brewery founded in the 19th century. During the tour, you will learn the secrets of beer production and taste the drinks brewed here.
Looking at the life habits and traditions of today’s Kaunas residents, one can see a connection with the traditions that were born and rooted in interwar Kaunas. Entertainment venues, food and restaurant culture, and the daily routine of catering workers have remained in the toolbox of Kaunas residents’ habits over a long period. During the tour, you will hear how Kaunas restaurants were divided, whether there were nightclubs in Kaunas at the time, what place in Kaunas was the best place to find out about the juiciest news of the town, and many other interesting trivia.
In the evening, the hospitable Kaunas residents will see us off home in the hope that we will return again to this wonderful and mysterious city – KAUNAS!
The price per person starts from 27.00 EUR. The price includes:
• Travel on a comfortable bus;
• Excursion programme;
• A tour of Kaunas Old Town and Žalgiris Arena;
• Tour guide services.
Paid attractions during the trip (optional)*:
• Pažaislis Monastery ticket – adults 6.00 EUR, students, seniors –3.00 EUR;
• Beer tasting –12.00 EUR per person.
Note. The tour organiser reserves the right to make minor changes to the tour programme and course due to unplanned temporary restoration works, weather conditions and other reasonable obstacles. The local time is indicated in the itinerary..