Kelionės Lietuvoje


This time we invite our little travellers to take a trip back in time to learn about ancient technical inventions in Smalininkai, famous for the only unique museum in Lithuania which has already collected more than 7000 exhibits. We will continue our journey through time at Gelgaudiškis Manor Farm, on a special excursion led by the estate owners! In the afternoon, we will meet the chocolate craftsmen, taste and make our own original chocolates!
In the morning, we leave for Smalininkai. We will start our time travel in Smalininkai at the Museum of Ancient Technology*. It boasts a huge exhibition (over 7000 exhibits), reflecting the development of agriculture, everyday life, crafts and technology.
Continuing our journey through time, this time we will learn about the life of the landlords in the 19th century at the Gelgaudiškis Manor. Situated on the picturesque slope of the Nemunas River, the manor is a reminder of a grand past, and was restored to life a decade ago. During the tour*, the lady of the manor will tell you about the history of the manor, the way of life at the time, teach you manorial manners, dances and games, and organise a quiz with sweet prizes. After the activities, all participants will be welcomed to the observation deck on the roof of the palace for a cup of tea!
For lunch, we will stop at the Vakarų užuovėja*. After lunch we will go to the ŠOKOLADINĖ café located in Kaunas Old Town. Here you will find handmade sweets in a variety of types and flavours, hollow and full-faced figurines with spectacular chocolate compositions. In the guided tour-tasting hour “Handmade sweets and chocolate”* you will hear the history of chocolate, and see how the figures and handmade sweets are made. You will also be your own chocolatiers and make your own chocolates. We return home filled with unforgettable impressions.
Prices start from EUR 27.00 per person. The price includes:
• Bus trip;
• Tour guide services;
• Excursions and entertainment programme.
Not included in the tour price:
• Personal expenses;
• Visit to the Museum of Antique Machinery – EUR 3.00;
• Excursion in Gelgaudiškis Manor Farmstead – EUR 5.00;
• Lunch at Vakarų užuovėja– EUR 5.00;
• Chocolate candy workshop in the Šokoladinė – EUR 7.00.
Note. The organiser reserves the right to make minor changes to the tour programme and its course due to unplanned temporary restoration works, weather conditions and other reasonable obstacles. The tour guide does not give tours at paid sites.