Kelionės Lietuvoje



In the morning we leave for Raudondvaris. Today, Raudondvaris is a cosy little town in central Lithuania, located at the confluence of the Nemunas and Nevėžis rivers, surrounded by magnificent nature and preserving a distinguished architectural ensemble. Raudondvaris manor is mentioned in the sources as early as the 17th century. It was owned and cherished by the Radvila and the Tiškevičius families. At that time, it was famous as a cultural and artistic centre, with an excellent art gallery and library. In 2008, the manor ensemble was granted the status of a cultural monument.
We go to Vilkija to visit the A. and J. Juška Ethnic Culture Museum. The Antanas and Jonas Juška Ethnic Culture Museum was established in 1990 in what was a parsonage, the oldest surviving building in Vilkija. The house is believed to be over 300 years old. Its walls have witnessed well-known Lithuanian artists, but the most prominent footprint here was left by Antanas Juška, famous Lithuanian nation-owner and ethnographer. The abundance of his accumulated spiritual wealth of the Lithuanian people is still surprising.
From Vilkija we head towards Seredžius. On the western side of the town there is a 13th-century castle mound, also known as Palemonas Hill. Unfortunately, there is no castle here anymore, but history tells us that there used to be a Pieštvė castle here, which the Crusaders managed to burn down only after the destruction of Kaunas castle… After visiting Seredžius castle mound, we go to Veliuona to see the exterior of the manor house and the park. Veliuona Manor is a monument of classical architecture of the early 19th century.
We arrive in Raudonė. Raudonė settlement is the home to the residential Raudonė Castle which now hosts the Raudonė Primary School. The 33.5 m high tower of the castle has a viewing platform with a panoramic view of indescribable beauty.
We then go to visit Panemunė Castle. Panemunė Castle sometimes is also called Vytėnai or Gelgaudai Castle. Dating back to the 16th century, it has been reconstructed and rebuilt several times, and today the Renaissance-style residential castle is included in the list of Lithuanian architectural monuments. Guests can enjoy a snack in the castle’s restaurant*. Next to the castle is an old park with magnificent cascading ponds.
At around 18:00 – 19:00, we visit the Panemuniai Regional Park Visitor Centre.
We go to visit the Sudargas (Grinaičiai) mound complex. Return home.
Cost of the trip: per person from 30.00 EUR, the price includes:
• Bus trip;
• Tour guide services;
• Excursion programme.
Not included*:
Travel insurance;
Entrance tickets for paid attractions (museums, castles, etc.). For paid-for attractions, please have about 12 EUR.
Remarks: The tour organiser reserves the right to make minor changes to the tour programme and course due to unplanned temporary restoration works, weather conditions and other reasonable obstacles. Entrance prices are subject to change; Museums and paid sites are not guided by the tour guide.