Kelionės Lietuvoje


The coastal region is a discovery for us. The landscape is like being on the Scandinavian coast. Cape Ventė – wind, birds, lighthouse. Then there is the island of Rusnė, and the neighbouring country and its fishermen fishing in the Nemunas seem to be within easy reach. The landscape, laced with rivers and streams, is not only fascinating for its natural beauty, but also for its ethno-cultural diversity. On your trip, you will visit interesting sites and learn about people’s businesses, customs and traditions.
In the morning, you will leave for Šilutė. You will travel to the coastal region, distinguished by its natural diversity and complex history, which still fosters the culture of the ethnic regions of Lithuania Minor and Major. During the trip you will visit the legendary Rambynas Hill. You will see the impressive seventeen-trunk spruce tree in Vilkyškiai Forest – the Witches Broom. You will travel to Rusnė, Lithuania’s only island town, located in the Nemunas delta between the Skirvytė and Atmata rivers. You will stop in Sakūčiai to buy a special dish from the coastal region – naturally smoked fish.
You will travel to Cape Ventė – a true paradise for nature lovers. It is the westernmost point of Šilutė district. You will visit the bird-ringing station*, the ornithological museum*, and climb the cast-iron staircase to the lighthouse, which has been in operation for 100 years.
You will then travel to the romantic village of Mingė, which is called the Lithuanian Venice for its unique landscape. Those who want, can taste the pride of this region’s cuisine – fish soup*. You will sail* along the Nemunas Delta and the Curonian Lagoon. You return home in the evening filled with excitement.
Prices start from EUR 37.00 per person. The price includes:
• Bus trip;
• Tour guide services;
• Arranging travel documents;
• Excursion programme.
Not included in the tour price:
• Personal expenses;
• Boating approx. EUR 5.00 per person, traditional coastal fish soup EUR 3.50 per person;
• Ornithological Museum: Adults – EUR 3.00; minors EUR 2.00. Local guide services per person EUR 2.00.
Note. The organiser reserves the right to make minor changes to the tour programme and its course due to unplanned temporary restoration works, weather conditions and other reasonable obstacles. The tour guide does not give tours at paid sites.