Kelionės Lietuvoje


Looking at a map of Lithuania, one is drawn to an interesting thumb-shaped protrusion in the south-eastern part of Lithuania – a small patch of land beautifully called the Teardrop of Lithuania, which seems to have escaped from the country, and which is swallowed up in the surroundings of Belarus. This is the land of Dieveniškės… A day trip dedicated to this land, visiting the Paulava Republic, the Lavender Harbour and the Dieveniškės Historical Regional Park.
In the morning, you will leave for Jašiūnai. You arrive in Jašiūnai*, a small town in the Šalčininkai region. From 1402, Jašiūnai belonged to one of the most powerful and wealthy Lithuanian noble families of that time – the Radvilas. We will visit the Balinskis Palace in Jašiūnai with a local guide.
You arrive at the intoxicatingly fragrant Lavender Harbour*. In the pleasant, cosy homestead you will find peace, coziness and warmth, and the owner of the homestead will tell you about the lavender harbour, its development, the properties of the lavender water, and treat you with lavender lemonade. You will taste homemade ice cream/sherbet from Lavender Harbour.
The road will then lead you to the Republic of Paulava – the Lithuanian Monaco. The remains of the once magnificent palaces, stables and other buildings of the Republic of Paulava. The entire territory of the republic was about 3 000 ha. It was a kind of state within a state, with its own laws, money, coat of arms and flag. However, Paulava has had to endure many challenges, from clashes and assaults to fire. It was a unique phenomenon at the time, and one that is still surprising, even today.
Continue on, to admire the landscape of the Dieveniškės Historical Regional Park, to see monuments of historical and archaeological heritage, mighty oaks, burial mounds, and ancient street villages.
You will visit the Dieveniškės Historical Regional Park Visitor Centre in the village of Poškonys. At the visitor centre, we see household items of the Dieveniškės region, museum exhibition of traditional crafts, and the stone sculpture park. Guided tour of Dieveniškės Historical Regional Park with a local guide. You will see the unique Church of the Holy Virgin Mary, and visit the street village of Rimašiai. We will see the Grybiškės oak tree, which is estimated to be 300-400 years old, the 5th-6th century hillforts, and the Bėčionys hillfort. You return home in the evening filled with excitement.
Prices start from EUR 30.00 per person. The price includes:
• Bus trip;
• Tour guide services;
• Local guides in Dieveniškės;
• Excursion programme.
Not included in the tour price:
• Personal expenses;
• Visit to Jašiūnai Manor – EUR 2.00;
• Lavender Harbour – EUR 5.00;
• Complex lunch: 5.00 EUR.
Note. The organiser reserves the right to make minor changes to the tour programme and its course due to unplanned temporary restoration works, weather conditions and other reasonable obstacles. The tour guide does not give tours at paid sites.