Kelionės Lietuvoje


At 08:00 we leave for Gelgaudiškis Manor. During the guided tour, the second lady of the manor greets guests in the manor hall and invites them to learn lively manor dance games. Guests are treated to 3 types of manor cheeses, kropelis (one-bite doughnuts), tea or homemade kvass on the terrace, and learn about the history of the manor’s kitchen. We will have lunch at the Suvalkietis homestead: we will enjoy a kugel baked in the oven for 10 hours in a large, heavy saucepan. We will also use a wooden ladle to scoop and taste the dish. Kugel with meat (chicken or pork), served with sour cream. We’ll have kafija and apple pie.
We’ll visit the Museum of Ancient Technology. The museum was started by documents, books and objects belonging to the parents and grandparents of its founder Justinas Stonys. For several years, the exhibits were searched for in Klaipėda region and all over Lithuania, bought or given as gifts. In this way, a huge exhibition (more than 7000 exhibits) has been accumulated, reflecting the development of agriculture, everyday life, crafts and technology. The museum showcases 34 ancient production techniques and 19 crafts: from beekeeping to extracting iron from swamp ore. In Kiduliai, we will taste 12 types of wine. We will arrive in Marijampolė and visit B. Kleizaitė-Vasaris Art Gallery. On 26 May 2017, Beatriče Kleizaitė-Vasaris, theatre actress, director, teacher, active public figure, patron of culture, was awarded the highest honour of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, – the Honorary badge ‘Nešk savo šviesą ir tikėk‘ (“Carry Your Light and Believe”). The award was presented to the patron of culture for her significant contribution to the culture of Lithuania and the Sūdava region, for her personal initiative in presenting the legacy of professional art and for the donated art collection.
In 2013, Beatričė Kleizaitė-Vasaris, a patron of culture, donated her decades-long collection of artworks to Marijampolė, her home town: more than 400 paintings, prints and sculptures created by over 30 artists. The exhibition includes works by the most famous Lithuanian émigré artists Vytautas Kašuba, Adamas Galdikas, Vytautas Ignas, Vytautas Kazimieras Jonynas, as well as artists Aloyzas Stasiulevičius, Sofija Veiverytė and others who worked in Lithuania.
According to the artist and art critic Aloyzas Stasiulevičius, Beatričė Kleizaitė-Vasaris’s energy, dedication, and titanic will to collect these works of art, preserve them, and donate them to Lithuania is astonishing, while the collection itself has opened up the little-known diasporic art that was still scattered across various countries, and it is one of the most serious exhibitions of diasporic art in Lithuania, which significantly complements the panorama of the art of the diaspora displayed in the collection of the National Art Gallery.
During the tour in Marijampolė, in the former synagogue, you will learn about the life story of Beatričė Kleizaitė and her contribution to art. We will touch on the works of the greatest Lithuanian artists.
Trip price starts from 29.00 EUR. The price includes:
• Bus trip;
• Tour guide services;
• Excursions and entertainment programme.
Not included in the trip price:
• Personal expenses;
• Theatrical excursion at Gelgaudiškis Manor 10.00 EUR. Minimum amount to be paid 160.00 EUR;
• Tasting lunch at the Suvalkietis homestead – 9.00 EUR ;
• Visit to the Museum of Antique Machinery – 3.00EUR ;
• Wine tasting – 10.00 EUR;
• Gallery tour – 2.00 EUR;